All Ireland 32 County Charity Cycle

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Supporting Childrens Cancer Charities


      Daisy Lodge

Newcastle Co Down


9th September 2017

            at 10am


Raising vital funds for children's cancer charities

Facts about Childhood Cancer

·         There are around 1,800 new cases of cancer in children each year in the UK, that’s around 5 cases diagnosed every day

·         It is estimated that 1 child in 500 in the UK & Ireland will be diagnosed with cancer by age 14.

·         The survival rate is 82% of all children diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia and are still alive after 5 years.

Anna McAllister was diagnosed with a brain tumour in March 2013, she fought her illness heroically to overcome the disease. Sadly Anna passed away on the 19th September 2014 aged just 16 years.

This cycling event is dedicated to Anna's memory and to all children and families affected by cancer, for their inspirational determination to carry on as normally as possible whilst facing such uncertainty.

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Anna's Journey
In March 2013 Anna McAllister, daughter of Randal & Fiona, received some of the most devastating news a person can hear in their lifetime, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Anna was only 15 years old when she received this horrendous news. The diagnosis was immediately followed by major brain surgery, multiple courses of chemo & radiotherapy, stem cell transplants and further emergency surgery as the doctors attempted to curtail the spread of the disease and ultimately try and cure Anna.
During Anna's illness and treatments there were few occasions when she was fit enough to socialise with her friends or do what other 16 year old girls normally do. When she was able, she and her close friends (The Gooses) were keen to get involved in charity events to help raise money for the charities who support  children in similar circumstances. The Daisy Chain walk in Kilrea was one of  the events that Anna was involved in, it raised over £21,000 for Cancer Fund for Children. The occasion was a great display of solidarity within the local community and a tremendous support for Anna and her circle of family and friends.
Anna sadly passed away on the 19th September 2014 aged just 16 years old and after having confronted her illness so very bravely for 18 months. The effect of Anna's bravery along with her dogmatic determination to beat the disease has had a huge impact on the people who knew her best. Anna's legacy has resulted in many fundraising events raising large sums of money for the charities that she supported most.
The 32 County Cycle is the next phase of the fundraising that Anna started back in March 2014 and we all look forward to another successful campaign and for the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.
Previous Fundraising Events

2017 Skydive with Kate Elizabeth & Keeva

The Circuit & The Key Points Along the Way

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Daily Itinerary

Day 1. 9th September 2017 Daisy Lodge Newcastle Co Down to Lucan Dublin.

Day 2. 10th September Dublin to Carrick on Suir.

Day 3. 11th September Carrick on Suir to Cork City.

Day 4. 12th September Cork City to Listowel.

Day 5. 13th September Listowel to Portuma.

Day 6. 14th September Portuma to Ballyhaunis.

Day 7. 15th September Ballyhaunis to Ballyshannon Co Donegal.

Day 8. 16th September Ballyshannon to Kilrea.

Each day we will aim to set off at 10am

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