Grand Total of £30,000

With all the hard work now completed and the bikes safely stowed away for the winter, we are delighted to confirm that our fundraising from the 32 County Cycle has topped out with a grand total of £30,000 raised.

It has been an enormous pleasure being involved in this event with such a top notch bunch of guys, these men put themselves through some of the toughest roads and difficult weather conditions during our eight day and 700 mile cycling adventure around Ireland.

I can not thank Paul Marshall enough for taking care of us en-route, as well as driving our support vehicle, he plied us with tea and grub on demand whilst having to put up with the aroma of damp lycra in the back of the van...

It would be difficult to thank everyone individually who contributed or participated in this event, but it's important to recognise all those who made donations and contributions both small and large to help us reach our grand total of £30,000. To the groups of cyclists who met us at various points along the way and cycled with us for long stretches in poor conditions; you are true legends, to our support vehicle sponsor who kindly provided us with a fantastic vehicle for the trip around the country; it was very much appreciated. To the people who met and greeted us along the way with welcome food, drink and craic, you kept our spirits up during the difficult stages. And to all those who welcomed us home with open arms we are truly grateful for supporting us throughout.

Today we proudly presented the charities with their cheque and I know the money will go a long way to helping those children that they support with their services.

Thank you to all involved and please have a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas.

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